Local Authorities

Middlesex Housing are official providers of housing. With over 20 years experience in property management, and an ever increasing portfolio of properties, we are able to offer a wide range of affordable properties to local authorities, ranging from studio flats to family homes.
We operate a fully managed service to assist both our landlords and the local authorities, and ensure that all properties meet our required property standards in line with the latest legislation.

Middlesex Housing would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements, and how we can help with housing shortages in your borough.

We at Middlesex Housing Ltd acquire and manage private sector accommodation for local authority tenants. Our capacity, procedures and service commitments enable us to enter into long term contracts with local authority housing departments. We ensure safe accommodation to households who are homeless.


We uphold ethical and operational principles important to local authorities. We also work within our system of procedures, documentation, measurement, checks and operational processes. We welcome new tenants, guide them through their responsibilities and ensure they abide by the property norms and procedures on a continuous basis.

Services we offer you include updates on tenancies like;


● Tenant management issues

● Absent tenants

● Abandoned properties

● Unauthorised sub­letting

● Focus on homeless clients

● Anti­social behaviour

● Operating in a non­discriminatory manner.london_borough_map1

We are committed to delivering a fair and equitable service to all our clients and customers.